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BKNJ Review: Knives Out

As you know here at Buzzkill, we only review the ones we love. That being said. We do dislikes first.

Yes, this plot is full of red herrings, misdirection and the audience needs time to take it all in. Knives out went on about 10 minutes too long. Still, lots of stars, we get it.


Marta is just about the best cast of the best roll of the year. The leads need to be liked in order to drive the narrative. Everyone at Buzzkill liked Marta.

Chris Evans is probably the most underrated actor around. That’s not just because we loved Not Another Teen Movie. Evan’s performance was amazing.

Benoit Blanc ah, the private investigator. Complete with a pleasant southern demeanor and drawl. None of the limitation of the detectives, but most curious as to what is the truth.

Slight Spoilers:

No surprise that this was nominated for a Best Original Screenplay Oscar. While basically being a reimagining of the movie Clue, Knives Out’s creative navigation and singular conclusion help it create its own spot in cinema history.

Overall: Must Watch

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