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Chadwick Boseman

Quite shocking was the news about the death of Chadwick Boseman. The Black Panther was an incredible movie, and his character the embodiment of strength both inside and out.

Cancer takes so much from this world. The life of Chadwick Boseman sent a rift throughout all corners of the global consciousness. Perhaps a reminder of the next chapter, which awaits us all.

Besides being the lead in one of America’s favorite movies in the last decade, consensus on Chadwick’s character seemed self-evident. The type who would only speak when they had something to say.

“I’m sure he’d want to say goodbye to them.”

It seems the spirit guides had to do a bit of prodding to get Boseman down for his interview. (On brand.)

Josh felt connected to Boseman since his passing, saying that he pictured the late actor standing proudly in an all black suit. He felt compelled to reach out with the spirit box.

In the video, at the beginning of the session, there are some spirits and guides talking though the box. Eventually, when Josh reaches out for Chadwick directly, we hear in clearly Boseman’s voice, “this is pretty great.”

He then says, “Hello?” quickly, as if his spirit strength had quickly figured out how the box works. Of course this is speculation.

Josh then feels the intuitive connection. He asks how Chadwick feels.

“Josh” “believe” “this shit hurts.”

Josh asks him to share a message to his wife.

“I love you.”

Josh asks what it is like on the other side.

“Just eating good.” (One of the gruesome side-effects Boseman’s disease is lack of appetite.) “People are already missing me.”

Josh asks again if he needs help in any way and Chadwick says, “I’m beautiful.”

If you have been following HOPE Paranormal a while, this short interaction would be interpreted as pretty positive.

There is no doubt Mr. Boseman has been through a painful, draining and scary week, after fighting for who knows how long against the ravages of a deadly disease. But he maintained what some would interpret as inner-strength, and probably is most likely closer to peace. It is this feeling we believe that makes up the Light, which means for Chadwick Boseman, the hard part is over.

After death, spirits determine where they go. The ones that are fortunate to find God’s love while still alive, go to a new place above us all, where they are able to check in on their friends down on earth. It seems like that is where Chadwick is.

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