New and Forever

Thank you to everyone who watched Buzzkill New Jersey! Buzzkill was the winner of the Fangoria Magazine Special Prize Award in 2019. In 2020, the whole world went to hell.

But that has not stopped Joe Vrola Projects from coming out with a new motion picture creation! We will be releasing the pilot episode for "New and Forever" very soon!


"A newlywed couple is on their honeymoon in the Caribbean when the wife gets kidnapped and disappears for 2 days. Now they are home and she is starting to turn evil."


Joe Vrola as "Mike"

Chappell Bunch as "Lauren"

Mckenna White as "Ashley"

Dan Gregory as "Matt"

Kat Wilk as "Interviewer"


Yuval David as "John Matterhorn"

This story is awesome. The dark, yet very realistic subject matter will quickly grab viewers' attention and keep it.

Follow Buzzkill New Jersey on FB to get updates on the release of Episode 1 or keep checking back here in the Director's Post!

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